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The Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

For decades, implants had a chokehold on breast augmentation procedures and were the only viable option for improving breast shape and size. However, the risks of breast augmentation through implants recently shared on the internet are forcing people to seek an alternative.

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Last Updated On: July 12, 2024 | Published On: February 23, 2023

That’s how people searching for “breast enlargement near me” online learned about the benefits of fat-transfer breast augmentation.

This blog post will discuss the benefits and risks of fat transfer breast augmentation and whether this procedure is for you.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a procedure to enhance your breasts and make them look fuller naturally. The method uses two different techniques in combination: liposuction and injection.

During liposuction, cosmetic surgeons harvest fat from areas rich in fat deposits. After gathering the fat, the cleaning removes any impurities that the small cannulas might have caught along with the fat. The pure fat is then injected around the breasts to enhance them without an artificial appearance.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is always an intimidating procedure for first-timers. Therefore, knowing the benefits of the process you’re going for is essential before making the final decision. Once you have decided, you can contact a reputable facility that offers breast enlargement.

Here are the benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation that have attracted numerous individuals looking for breast enlargement. UK-based cosmetic clinics can be trusted to provide these surgeries safely and in the best conditions.

Relatively Less Scarring

Fat grafting has less scarring around the breast than other breast augmentation procedures, such as implants. Reliable and experienced cosmetics surgeons are well-versed in such procedures and choose a single site around the breast for injecting the fat. Hence, you’ll have a tiny scar around that site which won’t be visible.

Natural Looking Breasts

Since fat grafting uses your body’s natural fat to enhance the shape and size of your breasts, you can expect a more natural finish. Unlike breast implants, fat transfer brings a more natural contour around the breasts as fat droplets can be injected into various locations.

Moreover, you have several options regarding how much fat you want around your breast. Some people wish to have rounder breasts overall, whereas some only want a lift on the top mound. Hence, fat transfer gives you more control over your breast’s shape.

Less Invasive Procedure

Fat transfer breast augmentation has two different procedures. The first procedure harvests the fat from various good fat deposits around the body. Inner thighs, abdomen, love handles, and arms are popular donor sites, whereas some prefer buttocks.

After harvesting and cleaning, the second procedure is when fat is injected around the breasts with small cannulas.

As you can see, both procedures are less invasive than traditional implants. There aren’t significant incisions around the body to collect or deposit fat. Hence, none of your muscles around the breast get affected during fat transfer breast augmentation.

For this procedure, look for an esteemed facility with experienced cosmetic surgeons that offers breast enlargement.

Less Painful

Since the procedure only uses small cannulas and injection techniques, there are chances of swelling around these sites. However, the overall process doesn’t cause pain. The main reason for less pain in fat transfer breast augmentation is that there are no invasions around the muscles.

Hence, you can expect breast recovery in two weeks.

Liposuction’s Benefits

One of the essential benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation is the goodness of liposuction. Liposuction is a popular procedure to reduce fat around different body parts. Since the first step for fat transfer breast augmentation is liposuction, you get the procedure’s benefits without having to pay extra.

No Risks of After-Procedure Complications

Breast implant augmentation was the most preferred procedure for ages. However, with awareness and research, many risks of breast implants came to light. Ruptures, capsular contractures, etc., were the most common issues patients had to deal with after the procedure.

In fat transfer breast augmentation, no artificial implants or materials are injected into your body. Your body’s natural fat is used to enhance your breast size. Hence, you don’t have to worry about dealing with after-procedure complications.

No Rejection Risks

You don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the fat used around the breasts as the fat is from your own body. That’s how you can rest assured that the procedure’s effects will last a few years.

Can Be Done With Implants

To enjoy the best results of fat grafting, you can opt for this procedure with breast implants. Many clients don’t enjoy the sturdy shape of their implants and want a more natural look and contour. You can achieve this look with fat grafting after your implants.

The two techniques work well with each other, especially if you want some extra fat around the mound of your breasts. Moreover, you can also get fat transfer breast augmentation if you face any implant rippling or wrinkling, which are often visible.

Perfect for Fixing Asymmetries

Not every client is looking for enhanced breast size. Some want to fix asymmetrical breasts, for which implants aren’t viable. That’s where fat grafting can work wonders.

Since the look is more natural and the fat needs to be placed in selected locations to fix the asymmetries, fat transfer breast augmentation is the best option.

A professional performing a liposuction

Risks of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer augmentation has numerous benefits. Still, the people who learned about it while searching for “breast enlargement near me” should also know about the risks associated with the procedure. After seeing both sides, you can make an informed decision about whether this procedure is for you.


All breast augmentation procedures have scarring. Fat transfer breast augmentation has potentially less scarring risks around the breasts. However, the same isn’t true for donor sites.

Donor sites are where your cosmetic surgeon will harvest the fats for the procedure. Although the procedure is conducted using small cannulas, the risks of scars developing in the area prevail. These scars are similar to the size of a pencil’s rubber or your pinky finger’s tip.

Hence, it might take some while to heal these scars.

Contour Issues at the Donor Site

Since we are on the topic of donor sites, another mentionable risk of fat grafting is contour issues around the donor sites. As these sites lose their fat content, there are high chances of having contour issues around the area. However, since fat cells regenerate in a place every ten years, you will gradually witness improvements.

Problems in Breast Function

Every breast augmentation procedure poses the risk of issues with breast function. The most common problem that many patients face is loss of nipple sensitivity. Patients might be unable to feel sensations around the area for a couple of weeks.

Another issue that clients are worried about the most is the problems with breastfeeding. Theoretically, this problem seems like a possible drawback. However, there have been no reported cases that’d testify to issues with breastfeeding.

Despite that, if you don’t want to take the risk, you can opt for these procedures after breastfeeding your babies.


Patients can expect some minor bleeding around the area as the procedure is invasive to a certain degree. However, this issue isn’t quite common with everyone. If you go to experienced surgeons who perform breast enlargement, you are likely not to face this issue.


Since the fat injected around your breasts is devascularised fat, it has no blood supply to nourish it. Hence, the chances of infections increase. Doctor-prescribed antibiotics and some rest can significantly solve the issue.

Fat Cysts

One of the risks of fat transfer breast augmentation, which can be slightly painful, is a fat cyst. These oil cysts can develop post-procedure when fat accumulates in an area and creates hardened lumps.

The issue mainly occurs when surgeons take up excessive fat in one go. Drainage techniques work well to resolve this issue. However, the nodes that form due to the oil cysts can be painful.

You can avoid this issue by going to a reputable surgeon for fat-transfer breast augmentation. If you reside in the UK and are looking for superior-quality treatments at highly affordable rates, consider breast enlargement in Manchester. You can contact some reliable cosmetic surgeons in the city and set up a consultation appointment to learn about your options, the procedure, and the risks involved.

Not Getting the Anticipated Results

One of the most crucial risks of fat transfer breast augmentation is not getting the results you anticipated. This risk has nothing to do with the surgeon’s expertise. It rather depends on the fat’s nature.

Fats usually break down over time, especially if you’re trying to lose fat actively through exercise. Moreover, fat has a unique memory and can remember where it originated from. Hence, as some time passes by, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose fat around the area, which might cause the breast to shrink.

Furthermore, fat grafting can’t create a proper shape out of the accumulated fat. There are no appropriate implants that are inserted into your breasts. Therefore, you can’t expect a larger cup with fat transfer breast augmentation.

None of the surgeons who offer the best solutions for breast enlargement in Manchester will ever give you false hopes.

A person holding a breast implant

Recovery Time for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The recovery time for fat transfer breast augmentation is relatively less than for breast implants. Since no invasions are made to the muscles around the breasts, there are no risks of hurting the nerves. Hence, there’s no pain around the breast.

The recovery time required after fat grafting breast augmentation isn’t for your breasts but for your donor sites. The liposuction causes pain around your donor sites which requires time for recovery.

You need at least three days of proper downtime for all your activities when you have had this procedure. Rest for an additional two weeks is advised for patients to recover properly from the procedure. Primarily when you have had complete body liposuction, you must rest for two weeks before going about your regular activities.

Many women also rejoin work after a week’s rest which works well for them. Breast enlargement in Manchester is becoming relatively easy and worthwhile.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Suitable for You?

While there are numerous benefits and risks of fat transfer breast augmentation, the real question lies: Is this procedure suitable for you? The answer depends upon your goals with the process and your current reality.

This procedure is excellent for:

  • Moms who previously had large breasts. Since they already have enough skin to store the fat content, this procedure yields excellent results.
  • Someone who recently lost weight. While losing weight, there’s a high chance of breast reduction. However, you can restore the same shape and size with fat-transfer breast augmentation.
  • Someone who’s looking to fix asymmetries. The fat can be transferred to specific locations around the breasts to enhance the shape.
  • Someone who’s looking for a buffer around the breast implants. Fat transfer after breast implants or while replacing implants is a well-known technique to bring a softer look to the result.

This procedure isn’t an ideal technique for:

  • Women who don’t have fat reserves around the body. Since there’d be no donor sites to harvest fat, this option doesn’t work for skinny women.
  • Women who want a significant increase in cup sizes. Fat transfer breast augmentation can enhance the look of your breasts. However, there isn’t a cup size increase with this procedure. Hence, for bigger breasts, implants are a better option.
Surgeons performing surgery

Visit Manchester Private Hospital, UK, for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation is not the latest technique in the market. However, since more risks of breast implants are gradually coming to light, people are opting for less risky procedures. Therefore, in today’s cosmetics industry, you can opt for fat-transfer breast enlargement. UK surgeons can be relied on to provide the best cosmetic services at select reputable cosmetic surgery clinics.

Manchester Private Hospital, UK, offers fat transfer breast augmentation to its clients at competitive rates. The expert surgeons here guarantee top-class treatments for all your cosmetic needs in a state-of-the-art environment.

You can book a free consultation appointment today or learn more about fat transfer breast augmentation services on their website.

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