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Breast asymmetry Surgery

Breast asymmetry is the term used to describe different-sized or uneven breasts in females. Asymmetry can either be mild or severe and affects the position, volume and form of the breasts.

Breast asymmetry Surgery

I went for my surgery for my breasts and was so nervous. The staff made me feel so settled and calm, I had the best experience and would recommend to anyone. My results are amazing I love them.

Hannah, Breast Surgery Patient (June 20th 2022)

breast asymmetry surgery manchester

Surgery Time

2 Hours

Results Seen

3 Months

Back To Work

2 Weeks

Pain Level

Mild - Moderate

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Medically reviewed by Mr Shivram Singh MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Plast), Medical Director & Lead, 

Medical Advisory Committee for Manchester Private Hospital

Last Reviewed September 27th 2022

Breast asymmetry is the term used to describe different sized or uneven breasts in females. Asymmetry can either be mild or severe and affects the position, volume and form of the breasts.

Whilst slight differences between two breasts on a woman is common, more noticeable variations in size can cause issues, including discomfort, distress and lack of self confidence.


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If you feel that your boobs are uneven, they can be corrected in a number of ways depending on your individual circumstances and body type.

Asymmetrical correction methods:

– Breast reduction to one breast to decrease the size of the larger breast.
– Breast enlargement of one breast to increase the size of the smaller breast.
– Nipple surgery to reduce the size of the areola on one or both breasts.
– Breast uplift to move one or both of the breasts to improve symmetry and raise nipple position.
– Complete breast augmentation procedure to increase the size of both breasts using implants and / or fat transfer.

In many breast asymmetry surgery cases, a combination of multiple procedures may be beneficial to achieve the best possible results and meet the needs of patient goals.

Why Choose Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

Different sized or uneven boobs are a common problem for many women in the UK, who struggle with the difference in size and often make lifestyle choices based on the feelings asymmetrical breasts bring.

Although breasts are viewed as the cliché; ‘sisters, not twins’, in some patients, discrepancies between the two can be severe. With this comes symptoms that can greatly affect the physical and psychological wellbeing of patients.

For some women, unevenness may be a minor case of the breasts hanging slightly lower from one another, but for others, breast asymmetry can be as extreme as two cup sizes different.

Undergoing breast surgery to correct your uneven breasts can have many benefits, including:

– Boost self confidence
– Allow underwear to fit more comfortably
– Increase self esteem
– Eliminate feelings of embarrassment, especially in public such as swimming or in changing rooms at the gym
– Remove fat from other problem parts of the body for injection in to the smaller breast
– Bring evenness to underdeveloped or overdeveloped breasts
– Correct differences in nipple height

Breast Asymmetry Results

Breast asymmetry has a very high success rate and high patient satisfaction rate. The results that can be achieved through this cosmetic procedure are excellent and allow surgeons to hit the goals of the patient. Once the size and shape of the boobs have been evened out, it is very unlikely that asymmetry will occur, providing that the patient does not go through any drastic lifestyle changes such as severe weight gain/loss.

Breast Asymmetry Aftercare / Recovery

Depending on the extent of your surgery and the type of procedure you undergo, your aftercare plan will differ and be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Generally, the longer your procedure takes to perform, the more aftercare will be required. For example, a patient undergoing augmentation, fat transfer and mastopexy will need more rest and recovery than a patient undergoing a single unilateral procedure.

In the majority of breast asymmetry cases, the procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and a one night stay in hospital is required.

Once you are discharged from hospital, recovery time takes between 2 weeks and 2 months. During this time you will follow the aftercare plan given to you and will be provided with a bra for support and to stop breasts moving during healing.

Side Effects / Complications

All surgical procedures come with some level of risk, and breast asymmetry correction is no different. However, complications are rare and with the correct, sensible aftercare and recovery plan, you can be side effect free after a few weeks post surgery.

Always ensure you wear your support bra following your procedure to reduce the chances of wounds being stretched / opened by the natural weight of the breasts. Other side effects and complications include:

– Infection
– Swelling
– Bruising / discomfort
– Seroma
– Blood clot
– Capsular contracture
– Nerve Damage

Why Manchester Private Hospital For Breast Asymmetry Correction?

At the Manchester Private Hospital, our highly skilled team of surgeons and medical professionals have the knowledge and experience to correct uneven breasts with asymmetry surgery.

Whether it is unilateral breast augmentation/reduction or multiple procedures, patients are provided with endless information in order to help them make the right informed decision for them.

In addition, our staff provide unrivalled aftercare and recovery support post surgery to ensure you have peace of mind from the start of your journey through to completion.

Furthermore, we provide the most effective and advanced cosmetic breast treatments to achieve the desired results of the patient regardless of body shape, type or ethnicity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  How Long Does The Procedure Take?

For unilateral breast surgery, the procedure time ranges from 30 minutes to one hour. For multiple procedures the duration may be one to three hours.

  Will The Results Last?

Breast asymmetry correction results are permanent. But changes in weight or pregnancy can sometimes affect your breasts.

  How Much Time Off Work Will I Need?

Depending on your job type, 3-7 days off work will be advised based on your procedure and ability to rest.

  Am I An Ideal Candidate For Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

If you are currently unhappy with the lack of symmetry in your breasts and have found this to be an issue most of your life, then you may be an ideal candidate for surgery. Women are advised to look out for any drastic sudden changes in their breasts and seek medical advice first before opting for cosmetic surgery.

  Are Your Surgeons Experienced In Breast Asymmetry?

Yes, all of our surgeons are General Medical Council members and have carried out many augmentation and reduction surgeries over many years.

  What Areas Do You Cover?

The Manchester Private Hospital will treat any patient from any location in the UK. However, the patient must be able to travel and be accompanied by a companion on the day of discharge to ensure a safe return home following the trauma of an operation and anaesthetic. Common regions that patients visit our clinic from include: Salford, Manchester, Wigan, Warrington, Stockport, Macclesfield, Northwich and Winsford.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery Price On Consultation only

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Our finance is available on all cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments with as little as £500 deposit required or even with no deposit required. With flexible finance options on offer, you have a choice to spread the costs of your surgery between 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

*Procedure prices are not fixed and may vary as procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements so vary from person to person. You will receive a guide price during your initial eConsult and a fixed price following your surgeon face to face consultation.

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Meet Our Surgeons

Mr Shivram Singh

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgeon​ Mr Singh is a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Birmingham. His NHS practice includes major reconstruction following Skin and Breast cancer surgeries and trauma. He is a well established microsurgeon and regularly performs microvascular reconstruction.
Mr Shivram Singh

Ms Nabila Nasir

Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon Ms Nabila Nasir is an experienced Consultant Oncoplastic Breast surgeon at Manchester Foundation Trust. She was appointed as an NHS consultant in 2011 after completing higher surgical training in London. Ms Nasir trained in many reputable Oncoplastic Breast Units in London and South of England including the Royal Marsden. During her training, she has done MSc in evidenced based health and is a principal investigator for research trials at her trust.
Ms Nabila Nasir Breast Surgeon

Mr Peter Yiannoullou

Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon MBBS BSc FRCS Mr. Yiannoullou is a specialist breast surgeon. He is a Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon at St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust, a specialist centre for reconstructive breast surgery. His practice focuses on all aspects of breast care ranging from diagnosis to surgical treatment of breast problems.
Mr Petros Yiannoullou

Mr Adeyinka (Ade) Molajo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon MBChB, BSc(Medical Science), MRCS, MBA, FRCS(Plast) Mr Adeyinka (Ade) Molajo is a UK Trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He is a substantive NHS Consultant specialising in breast reconstruction. He studied medicine at St Andrews (BSc Medical Science) and Manchester University (MBChB) Medical Schools.He undertook specialist plastic surgery training in Liverpool,Manchester and London. After completing the FRCS(Plast) examination he gained entry to the GMC specialist register (Plastic Surgery).
Mr Adeyinka Molajo

Mr Syed Haroon Ali Shah

Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Shah qualified as a doctor in 1991 and was trained in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Pakistan in surgery. He is also trained in laser treatment for aesthetic. Since 2009 he is working as a surgeon in Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery department of Royal Preston Hospital Preston, Lancashire UK. Previously he has worked for more than 10 years in several positions in Ireland and another 7 years in Pakistan.
Mr Syed Haroon Ali Shah

Mr Syed Yawar

MBBS, FRCS Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon After graduation in Medicine, completed Surgical Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeon Ireland in 1995. Trained in all aspects of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, working in reputable hospitals of Ireland till 1999. In 2000 joined a UK University Hospital as Associate Specialist in Plastic Surgery, running clinics and operating independently on aesthetic cases eg. breast reduction / mastopexy, otoplasty & various uplift procedures post bariatric surgery.
Mr Syed Yawar Mehdi

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