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Understanding Breast Uplift and How It Works

Beautiful breasts aren’t only about the right size but also about shape and firmness. While all breasts are naturally beautiful, multiple factors can impact how they look over time.

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Last Updated On: May 27, 2023 | Published On: January 28, 2023

The right skills and techniques can help you achieve more proportioned and beautiful breasts based on your needs.

Breast uplift is a great way to restore perkier and firmer breasts by eliminating stretched and sagging skin. It can help you in achieving a youthful appearance, ensuring your clothes fit more attractively and comfortably.

You can look for the right cosmetic surgeon by looking up ‘boob job near me,’ but it is essential to go to an experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon to ensure the surgery is done right. The skilled cosmetic surgeons at Manchester Private Hospital have extensive experience in breast uplift and can guide you each step of the way.

What is a Breast Uplift?

Breast uplift focuses on eliminating stretched-out and excess skin to reshape your breasts. This surgical process raises the position of the areola and nipple and reshapes the position of the breast tissue to give them a more youthful and fuller appearance.

Also called a mastopexy, a breast uplift also reduces large and stretched areolae to provide natural-looking and proportioned breasts. While this procedure doesn’t change the size of your boobs, you can still pair it with breast reduction, breast augmentation, or other types of boob jobs in the UK. It can also have a significant impact on your self-confidence and self-image.

Breast uplift and breast enlargement costs in the UK can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the surgery, the requirements and expectations of the client, and what type of surgery they want to pair it with. Manchester Private Hospital offers multiple boob job finance options to help you get the right treatment without worrying about the payment.

Reasons to Get a Breast Uplift

While there are multiple proven benefits of breast enlargement, there are several reasons for getting a breast uplift along with breast enlargement, other cosmetic surgery, or on its own. With age, your breasts are bound to change naturally. They might lose their elasticity and firmness, which is not just caused by age but by other factors, including:

  • Gravity: The ligaments in your breasts might start to sag and stretch over time due to gravity
  • Changesin Weight: Any fluctuations in your weight can stretch or loosen the skin of your breasts, also causing the skin to lose its elasticity
  • Pregnancy: The tissue bands that provide support to your breasts may stretch during pregnancy. This occurs when the breasts become heavier and fuller. After the pregnancy, it often leads to sagging breasts whether or not you choose to breastfeed your newborn.

Getting a breast uplift can decrease the sagging and reposition your nipples. It is important to note that this procedure might not be right for everyone. This is particularly true if you are planning to get pregnant. It is best to get the breast lift after the pregnancy since the breast changes its shape during and after the pregnancy, which could impact the results of a breast uplift.

Another reason to delay this surgery is breastfeeding. While it is possible to breastfeed even after the procedure, it may impact the ability or amount of milk production. Breast uplift is a great solution for all types of breasts, depending on your goals. Smaller breasts generally enjoy lasting results. The results are less long-lasting for bigger breasts since they are heavier and have the potential to sag again.

What to Expect During Initial Breast Uplift Consultation

Your initial consultation is an important one where you discuss multiple things, like your health and treatment options, with our experienced cosmetic surgeons. You can expect to:

  • Assess your medical history and ask questions about your past and existing medical conditions. This will also include questions regarding your family history and whether anyone in your family had or has breast cancer. It is best to show the results of any breast biopsies or mammograms you might have had. Moreover, make a list of medications you have taken and bring reports of any surgeries you might have recently had.
  • Conduct a physical examination to determine the health and shape of your breasts. The position of the areolae and nipples will be identified, your skin tone quality will be considered, and pictures might be taken of your breasts.
  • Discuss what your requirements and expectations are from the breast uplift. It is important to clearly explain what you hope your breasts will look like after the surgery. You must also be aware of all the benefits and risks associated with breast uplift. Moreover, this is also the right time to discuss any other cosmetic surgery you might need, like breast enlargement or reduction, and understand the boob job cost in the UK to figure out the expenses.

The surgeon might also:

  • Assess the current status of your overall health, existing conditions, and potential risk factors
  • Take detailed measurements of the shape and size of your breasts
  • Determine whether or not breast uplift is the right option for you and discuss other available options
  • Discuss the potential complications and risks, along with the benefits of the breast lift
  • Discuss the type of anaesthesia that might be used right before the surgery

It is important to ask any questions and discuss your concerns openly with your team. Ensure you understand the breast uplift process to better understand what you will be going through.

Breast Uplift Procedure

The breast uplift is conducted through multiple incision techniques and patterns. The right method would be determined by our expert cosmetic surgeons based on multiple factors, including:

  • Shape and size of your breast
  • Position and size of the areolas
  • Amount of breast sagging
  • Elasticity and quality of the skin
  • Amount of excess skin around the boobs

Generally, the procedure of breast uplift in Manchester includes the following five steps:

Step 1: Giving Anesthesia

You will be given general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation before the procedure based on what is best for your general health.

Step 2: Making Incision

The surgeons will make the incisions depending on the goal you want to achieve. The most common patterns for incision include:

  • Around areolas
  • Around your areolas and down toward the breast crease from the areola vertically
  • Around your areolas, down toward the breast crease from the areola vertically, and along the crease of the breast horizontally.

Step 3: Shaping the Breasts

Once the incisions have been made, the surgeon will:

  • Lift the underlying tissue of the breast and reshape it to enhance the firmness and contour of your boob
  • Reposition the areolas and nipples at a youthful and natural height
  • Reducing the enlarged areolas if needed
  • Remove any excess skin to compensate for elasticity loss

Step 4: Stitching up the Incisions

Once the extra skin has been removed and the breasts have been reshaped, the surgeon will tighten the skin and stitch the incision close. Most of the incision lines are concealed within the natural contours of the breasts, but others will be visible.

These lines are permanent but significantly improve and fade with time. The surgeon will determine the size of the incision based on multiple factors. It is best not to insist on smaller incisions as it might negatively impact the shape and position of your breasts.

Step 5: Results

The breast uplift procedure results will be visible immediately. The shape will settle and change in the initial few months after the surgery. The scars might seem lumpy and red right after the surgery but will become thinner and softer over a year or two.

Your bra size might be slightly smaller right after the treatment, even if you didn’t undergo breast reduction with the breast uplift. This typically occurs because your breasts become rounder and firmer.

It is important to note that the results of the breast lift are long-lasting but are not permanent. The skin loses its elasticity as you age. Therefore, you might start noticing some sagging over the years, particularly if you have heavier breasts. Fortunately, you can maintain the results of the breast uplift for longer by keeping a healthy and stable weight.

Tips to Prepare for the Breast Uplift Surgery

The cosmetic surgeons at Manchester Private Hospital will help you prepare for breast uplift surgery by providing you with instructions and guidelines based on your individual need. You might also be asked to do the following to prepare for your breast uplift surgery:

  • Get a mammogram before and one a few months after the surgery. This helps the team identify any changes that happen in the breast tissue and evaluate future mammograms.
  • Stop or limit smoking as it reduces the flow of blood in the skin and impacts the healing process. You will be asked to stop smoking completely right before the surgery.
  • Avoid specific medications, like herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin increases the bleeding.
  • Ensure you make arrangements for someone to drive you back home after the surgery and look after you for a few days.
  • Maintain a healthy weight by regularly exercising and consuming healthy food to help with any recent weight gain

Breast Uplift Recovery Process

The breast uplift recovery will begin by applying bandages or dressing to the incisions after the completion of the surgery. You will have to wear a support bra or an elastic bandage to support your boobs and reduce swelling as they recover.

The cosmetic surgeon may insert a thin, small tube under the skin for easy drainage of excess fluid or blood. You will be provided with specific guidelines or instructions based on your surgery and condition, including:

  • Ways to take care of your boobs after the surgery
  • The medication to take orally or apply to assist with the healing process and decrease the chances of an infection
  • What concerns or signs to look for around the surgical area or your overall health to get immediate medical attention
  • When should you appear for the follow-up session

Many prefer to pair breast uplift with breast enlargement UK to enhance their shape, which may include further instructions and increase recovery time. It is best to ask as many questions as you may have about the recovery process based on your unique needs and situation.

Do you Need a Breast Uplift?

The best way to determine whether you need a breast uplift or not is by consulting an experienced cosmetic surgeon. However, you can ask yourself a few questions to figure out if you need to enhance the shape of your boobs.

  • Are your nipples pointing downward?With age, the skin on the breast base stretches out and starts sagging. This causes the nipple to point downward due to the breast tissue weight. A boob job will reshape and reposition the tissue to lift the nipples.
  • Are your nipples positioned under the crease below your breast?A major factor expert cosmetic surgeons consider is the position of the nipples in relation to the crease or inframammary fold‎ under the breast. If the nipples are positioned under the crease, a boob uplift might be a good idea.
  • Are you satisfied with the breast size after wearing your bra?While a breast uplift won’t drastically change the breasts’ size, it would make them look rounder and fuller in the bra. You can also pair breast augmentation or breast enlargement in Manchester with the uplift if you want larger breasts.
  • Are your breasts unusually shaped or asymmetrical?Breast uplift reshapes the tissue and lifts sagging breasts. It is an effective way of enhancing the symmetry of the breast and restoring the round shape.

Wrapping Up

A breast uplift can reset the skin-sagging clock and give you a firmer and toned shape. While the breasts will continue the natural changes that occur due to ageing, proper care and maintenance of your breast uplift will prevent the signs of ageing.

Weight fluctuations, future pregnancy, or other such life events could negatively impact the results. It is best to discuss your future goals with our experienced cosmetic surgeon to determine the right time for you to get a breast uplift procedure.

A breast uplift surgery is safe and effective, offering long-term results. Manchester Private Hospital offers a range of cosmetic surgery procedures to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Book your free consultation today!

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