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Enhance Your Holidays: The Perfect Time for Breast Augmentation Surgery

When it comes to undergoing any cosmetic procedure, such as breast augmentation, many find themselves overwhelmed with trying to decide the best time for scheduling one. At Manchester Private Hospital, we believe the best time is when you can dedicate a good period to the recovery, like during the holidays. Not only are these last few months of this season ideal for a refresh, but a procedure now means you will look your very best for any upcoming events in the coming year.

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Last Updated On: March 13, 2024 | Published On: December 25, 2023

In this guide, we take a closer look at why the holiday season is an opportune time for cosmetic enhancement and how it especially benefits those considering a breast augmentation procedure.

The Ideal Age for Breast Augmentation

One of the most important factors for a breast augmentation is your age. According to the FDA, the minimum age for saline breast implants is 18 and for silicone implants is 22. The reason for these ages is by 18, your breasts are fully matured, so you will more likely see better results following an enhancement. More importantly, by 18, you will be mentally and emotionally ready to handle the physical changes.

While there isn’t an age limit for breast enhancement, it’s essential to acknowledge that health concerns tend to emerge naturally as we age. These concerns may influence recovery and even results post-breast augmentation. Therefore, the best age is typically between 20 – 40. However, it is not uncommon to see women in their forties and beyond considering the procedure too.

Along with your age, there are a few other factors that you need to consider when looking into getting a breast augmentation. Firstly, your overall health as this cosmetic procedure is an invasive surgery and may not be suitable for everyone. Secondly, remember that you need 2 – 3 weeks of rest after the surgery. So, if you find yourself juggling a demanding college schedule or committed to a 9-to-5 job with limited vacation flexibility, you may want to postpone your surgery for a smoother recovery.

Best Time of the year for Breast Augmentation Procedure

Opting for breast augmentation during the cooler seasons, especially winter, can be a smart choice. During winter, you’re more likely to spend your time indoors compared to spring or summer when we typically pursue outdoor activities like hiking or beach outings. Let’s explore a few additional reasons why winter stands out as an optimal time for a breast augmentation procedure.

You Can Enjoy Your New Body in the Summer

If you choose to have your surgery in winter, your body will have the plenty of time to heal in the following months. Moreover, your implants will have the opportunity to settle into the perfect position. By the time summer rolls in, your breast augmentation results will be at their best.So you can confidently flaunt your curvier figure, picking out outfits that suit the warmth and letting your newfound confidence shine.

You Can Easily Cover Up Post-Surgery

Once you have had your breast implant surgery, you will need to keep your wound covered and wear suppression garments. Your body will also have swelling and bruising for a few weeks after the surgery.

If you don’t want everyone to see your bandages, you must cover yourself with clothing. This can be hard when it is hot during the summer, and you want to wear lighter dresses. In addition, piling on clothes, particularly compression garments, can lead to sweating, irritating your scars.

However, if you get surgery in the cooler weather, you can dress however you like as you heal.

You Can Avoid the Intense Heat and UV Rays

It is important to stay indoors and avoid the sun’s intense heat, as it can aggravate your wounds and lead to scarring. The UV rays can damage your health even on overcast days, so you mustn’t expose your incision. Wearing winter clothes will solve this problem after your breast augmentation surgery.

Excessive heat can also delay your recovery period. Heat can increase swelling and inflammation near the surgical site in the first few days of surgery. Winter weather, on the other hand, is much more forgiving for your body.

You Can Schedule the Procedure Around the Holidays

As the winter holidays draw near, this could be an ideal period to plan your breast augmentation, especially if you anticipate having some time off work. Since you’ll need a minimum of one week for recovery, the holiday season presents an opportune window.

Alternatively, if you’d rather not spend your vacation days recuperating from surgery, consider scheduling the procedure just after the New Year. This way, you can still enjoy a few workdays off, and you might not need to take any additional time off from work at all.

You Might Have More Freedom to Schedule

As spring approaches, more and more people start preparing for the summer, which means more people will start considering aesthetic surgery. Typically, aesthetic surgeons are swamped during the months leading to the summer season, and you might not be able to schedule your appointment then.

You can plan and schedule your breast augmentation in the winter season. This way, you will have more freedom to choose the date that will work around your schedule.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Determining the Right Time for Breast Augmentation

To ensure you’re fully prepared for your breast augmentation journey, take a moment to reflect on a few key questions. There’s no need to stress about finding the perfect answers – the goal is simply to be honest with yourself to make sure the procedure aligns with your personal goals. Here are some important questions to guide your self-reflection:

  • When feels like the best time for me to undergo a breast augmentation?
  • Are there significant upcoming events, such as my wedding, where I want to look and feel my best?
  • Will there be any events in the next few months that I might miss out on as I heal from the surgery?
  • Do I have plans to start a family this year or in the near future?
  • Can I manage the recovery process alongside my work commitments?
  • Are there seasonal activities or sports I’d like to engage in, and how might surgery impact my participation?
  • When can I make the most of my downtime?

Answering these questions authentically will help you tailor the timing of your breast augmentation to suit your unique aspirations and lifestyle. At Manchester Private Hospital, our aesthetic surgeons will answer all your questions about what you can expect during recovery.

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation This Holiday

The ideal time to get a breast augmentation is at least six months before any major event, summer season, or vacation. However, remember that everyone’s body is different, and your healing rate depends entirely on you. Some people can recover well in as little as three months, while others can take up to a year.

If you are interested in breast augmentation, talk to our surgeons at Manchester Private Hospital. We will review your case and discuss your surgical goals with you.

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