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Mummy Makeovers UK: A Step-by-Step Guide to Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth are truly miracles of life. It's a whole new feeling to watch your baby grow inside of you and then give birth. While the excitement to meet your bundle of joy for the first time can't be explained in words, the emotional and physical changes can take a toll on women.

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Last Updated On: April 16, 2024 | Published On: December 20, 2023

That’s when loved ones need to support a new mom through her recovery. Once they feel emotionally and mentally stable and are in overall good health, the next best step is undergoing a mummy makeover. 

It is a comprehensive surgical procedure designed to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy shape and self-confidence. As the procedure involves multiple procedures like breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the step-by-step recovery process so you can navigate through smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises. 

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you experience a smooth and swift recovery process following a mummy makeover:

Plan Ahead – Preparation Is Key 

Proper preparation is vital for a smoother recovery. If you plan ahead, you can easily enhance comfort and minimise the risk of complications. Furthermore, it can also expedite the healing process. Some of the best ways to prepare for a seamless recovery process is to:

  • Ensure you’re in the best health. Hence, instead of going for the procedure right away, wait for at least six months or a year post-pregnancy. This not only enhances the capacity of the body to heal but also lowers the risk of adverse effects and complications. 
  • Another way to prepare for your recovery is to set up a proper space at home that is well-equipped and provides a conducive environment for healing and recovery. You can prepare food in advance, stock on wound care supplies, extra snacks, pillows, reading material, and anything else you might need during the recovery stage. 
  • Preparing ahead of time makes it easier for patients to immediately settle, relax, and start healing when they return home. There is no discomfort, inconvenience or panic. 
  • Also, arrange your support team. This is essential because you will need reliable individuals to provide quality assistance during the initial post-surgery days. By this, we mean childcare and pet sitter.

Remember that the better you prepare for your surgery, the smoother your recovery will be, as there will be fewer things to worry about.

Steps to Take Post-Surgery

Immediately After the Mummy Makeover Surgery

Here, it is vital to understand that the recovery timeframe depends on the combination of procedures you have undergone and your body’s ability to heal naturally. 

However, immediately after the surgery, you will be monitored in the hospital’s recovery area for a few hours before you’re discharged. Before you’re released from the hospital, your surgeon will give you a pain medication prescription along with compression garments to wear for a few days. As you cannot drive, make sure to book a ride or ask someone to escort you home. 

You will mostly rest for a few days post-surgery. The doctor may ask you to lie with your chest and head elevated and on your back to keep fluid circulating, thereby preventing the risk of buildup. Furthermore, you will also be asked to get up and walk once every hour. This is much needed to avoid the risk of developing blood clots. 

If you also get a tummy tuck during your makeover, you must bend your waist as much as possible for two weeks at least and sleep on your sides or in the recliner to maintain a desired posture.

After 1 Week 

One week later, you can start light household chores. However, don’t engage in rigorous tasks or lift anything heavy for at least six weeks post-surgery. 

Also, keep the site of the incision moist using occlusive ointment. This will facilitate healing. Furthermore, at this stage, you will also have a follow-up appointment. This appointment with the surgeon will ensure your healing process is on track. 

At this point, your surgeon will assign gentle exercises for recovery. These exercises will promote your range of motion and facilitate healing. Furthermore, the surgeon may instruct you to perform self-massage, especially if you have received breast implants. 

For enhanced healing from the surgery, the surgeon may advise you on the following: 

Regular Checkups

This is needed to maintain clear and consistent communication with the surgeon. Additionally, regular monitoring of the operated site allows the surgeon to detect any complication and address it promptly, thereby ensuring a smooth recovery. 

Adequate Hydration

You will be advised to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Hydration is essential for wound healing and body functioning. Nonetheless, dehydration can affect the appearance of the skin and is likely to interfere with the healing process of the incisions. 

Prioritise Relaxation

The surgeon may recommend getting quality sleep as it allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate faster. Therefore, try to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for speedy recovery at night. Also, take time to rest and relax during the day. Never overwork your body. 

Adhere to the Prescribed Medication Schedule 

To ensure a fast recovery process, adhere to your prescribed medication schedule. At this recovery stage, the surgeon will prescribe you painkillers, stool softeners and antibiotics. Take them punctually as prescribed to prevent infection, facilitate recovery and manage pain and discomfort. 

Delay Showering & Bathing 

During the initial healing stage, it is vital to prevent infection. And one of the best ways to ensure this is to keep incisions dry yet clean. Therefore, in the first week of surgery, use only a damp sponge to clean the body and area around your incision. You can resume bathing once the wounds have healed sufficiently. 

Eat Healthy and Avoid Smoking 

It is best to eat healthy during this time and avoid vaping, smoking and consumption of alcohol. These substances can interfere with the process of healing and also increase complication risk. 

Avoid Blood Thinners 

Similarly, you should avoid blood thinners post-surgery for at least six weeks as they could potentially be threatening to your life.  

6 Weeks After Your Surgery

After six weeks, you can return to your regular activities and even resume your workout routine that you had pre-surgery. 

6 Months Later

Six months post-surgery, you will begin to see the actual results of the makeover as all swelling goes away. The surgical scars are faded to pink and even flattened out. Besides this, if you have lost nipple sensation, then the good news is that it is likely to return after six months post-surgery. 

Nutritional Recommendations for Recovery

As you start the healing journey, you will be recommended to eat a healthy and nutrient-dense diet so that your body can repair and recover. Some dietary changes your surgeon may advise you for an optimized healing process may include a diet rich in:

  • Fibre and whole grains provide essential nutrients and prevent constipation, a common problem after surgery.
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables are loaded with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that not only support the healing process but also boost immunity and aid digestion.
  • Lean protein helps build cells in the body and speed up the healing process. Lean protein includes chicken, fish, turkey and eggs. 

Wrapping Up

Mummy makeover is a great way for women to restore their pre-pregnancy body shape. However, since it is a surgical procedure, it has a gradual recovery process that requires patience, time and adherence to post-operative instructions. For more information about the mummy makeover procedure and recovery process, schedule a free consultation with our qualified surgeon at MPH.

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