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Boob job problems and the importance of reputable cosmetic surgeons

When thinking of enlarging your breasts, it is important to not only research the surgeon and clinic you are thinking of, but to speak to other patients who have undergone the surgery already.

Mrs Carla M Babicki  |  RGN

Last Updated On: June 6, 2023 | Published On: April 17, 2018


Medically reviewed by Mr Shivram Singh MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Plast), Medical Director & Lead,
Medical Advisory Committee for Manchester Private Hospital
Last Reviewed July 29th 2022

As with all surgical procedures, there are side effects, issues and complications with breast augmentation. However, choosing a reputable surgeon may result in reduced side effects and less risk of complications. Especially ‘local complications’ such as asymmetry.

One of the most common complications experienced by women post-surgery is capsular contracture, which is when the breast tissue around the implant hardens. When this happens it can not usually be left and needs to be acted on. Removal of the implant is sometimes required and further surgery to correct this is often needed, especially if the implant has misshapen or deflated.

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There are four main stages to capsular contracture

  • Grade 1, where the boob looks normal and is soft to touch.
  • Grade 2, where the boob is slightly firm to touch but looks normal.
  • Grade 3, where the boob does not look normal and is hard to touch. A shift in shape may be noticeable as well as position upwards on the chest.
  • Grade 4, where there is very noticeable change in shape and position along with a much harder feel.

Capsular contracture can happen in one or both boobs at the same time. However, both boobs can experience this complication but at different times. So if you have corrective surgery for one, it does not mean it won’t happen to the other in the future.

Also, if you think you have this complication but it is only Grade 1, it is best not to leave it and speak with a professional as early as possible. Some women make the mistake of using their own judgement and think the issue will just ‘go away’. However, in most cases of capsular contracture, it will only get worse as time goes on.
Other more common complications with breast surgery include scars, discomfort, infection – usually near incisions – and implant wrinkles/asymmetry.
If breast augmentation is something you have always fancied, it is important to write down as much information as you can and take it with you to a consultation. Have one, two or even three consultations if you like. However many you need in order to have peace of mind before proceeding with breast surgery.

It’s also worth noting that while some implants will last 15-20 years, some will not. Implants can need replacing in the average zone of seven to twelve years. Always make sure you are aware of the warranty and guarantees provided by the clinic who is performing your cosmetic procedure.
Rupturing implants is also a complication with breast enlargement This is a strong worry for some patients and choosing a clinic that is reputable is often the only way to ensure that their products are the best of the best.

The easiest way to notice if your implant has a rupture or leak is to look out for the following signs:

1.Size decrease – your boobs may look smaller in the mirror. They can also feel smaller or not the same as the other boob.

2.Swelling – one boob may swell to a larger size than the other.

3.Hard spots – you may be able to feel hard spots when squeezing your boob.

4.Burning sensation or sore boobs – if you are out of the recovery stage period and suddenly experience a burning feeling or soreness, it may mean that one of your implants has ruptured or has a leak.

Again, it is important to discuss this with your consultant as they will be able to explain the pros and cons of each type of implant. However, some saline implants can be more prone to leaks compared with silicone. They also usually happen much quicker. So a size decrease or misshapen boob happens over a shorter time period.
This does not mean silicone implants do not rupture, and it is equally as important to research the brand of implants used by your chosen clinic.
Do you worry that, after surgery, your breasts may be too close together or too far apart? If you do, you’re not alone.
This is a common complication of breast augmentation, but one that can be avoided by using an experienced surgeon.

One of the main reasons why this happens is that the consultant performing your surgery did not place the implant correctly.
Although gravity can play a part in this, often it occurs when a surgeon places the silicone or saline implant in a position that pulls the boob in an unnatural way – such as away from their natural hanging position, or too far towards the middle of their chest.
Corrective surgery is possible for women who are unhappy that, over time their boobs have moved. While this procedure is not as simple as a first-time breast enlargement, it is still very possible and not too uncommon.

If you have experienced complications or had a bad experience with breast augmentation, feel free to get in touch with one of our expert staff members to discuss and put your mind at rest. There are many options and possibilities to correct complications and give you the dream boobs you should have received first time round. Contact us via email for a brochure or call today on 0161 507 8822 We have performed breast enlargement surgery for patients based in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Leeds, Bradford, Oldham, Stockport and surrounding areas.

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