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Is a Boob Job Right for You? 15 Factors to Consider Before a Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast augmentation is not only the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide, but one of the top requested and performed surgeries in the UK. Besides the popularity and prevalence of this procedure, opting for breast enlargement must not be considered an easy or spontaneous decision. Like any cosmetic surgery, boob job UK risks infection, scarring, and other complications arising during and after the procedure.… Continue reading Is a Boob Job Right for You? 15 Factors to Consider Before a Breast Enlargement Surgery

Mrs Carla M Babicki  |  RGN

Last Updated On: May 27, 2023 | Published On: March 14, 2023

Breast augmentation is not only the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide, but one of the top requested and performed surgeries in the UK. Besides the popularity and prevalence of this procedure, opting for breast enlargement must not be considered an easy or spontaneous decision.

Like any cosmetic surgery, boob job UK risks infection, scarring, and other complications arising during and after the procedure. If you plan to undergo breast enlargement Manchester, here are some important factors you must consider to know if it is the right decision for you:

1. Allergic Reaction to Breast Implants

The first thing to consider before undergoing a boob job is the possibility of suffering from an allergic reaction to breast implants, also known as Breast Implant Illness (BII). Though the percentage of those who develop an allergic reaction to breast implants is low, the chances are never zero.

It must be understood that the human body has evolved to fight against any foreign substances that get inside it. Thus, BII is an immune response to the artificial and foreign substance that enters the body as an implant. Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate an individual’s potential chances of developing this autoimmune response to breast implants. However, cosmetic surgeons can determine and even prepare for its possibility based on the patient’s medical history.

2. Body’s Rejection of Breast Implants

While BII mostly develops soon after the surgery, the body can still reject breast implants at any time, even several years later. This rejection is sometimes called late implant rejection and is characterized by symptoms including dry eyes and mouth, skin rash, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, difficulty breathing, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression.

Late implant rejection can also lead to rupture or deflation of implants, pain in scar tissue, thinning of breast tissue and skin around the breasts, loss of sensation in breasts, and change in shape or volume of breasts. There is no other way to cure this health issue when and if it happens than surgically removing breast implants.

3. Irreversibility

Getting a boob job permanently changes the natural shape of the breasts. Hence, while breast implants can be removed, the natural breast shape and size cannot be restored.

4. Breast Augmentation Isn’t a One-Time Procedure

Breast enlargement does not last a lifetime. Over time, it is natural for implants to lose their shape or become affected by the body’s natural changes, contributing to the increase in chances of late implant rejection. Even if an individual does not experience complications post-surgery, they require replacement implants after ten to fifteen years.

5. You Cannot Go Up Several Sizes at Once

While it is possible to go up several sizes at once, multiple studies have linked such procedures to the development of BII. But it is still possible to jump to a much bigger size with time. If you want to go up 4 sizes, you can achieve it safely by going up two sizes initially and to four sizes in a few years.

6. Boob Job is Different than Boob Lift

The boob job does not fix saggy and drooping breasts. It only adds volume and changes the shape of the breasts. On the other hand, the procedure for fixing sagging breasts is called boob lift, which eliminates loose skin to make boobs appear perkier.

Those with sagging breasts can opt for a boob lift before a boob job, as the former also gives the breasts a rounder and fuller shape. The two procedures can also be done together.

7. Time Off for Healing

Recovering from a breast implant can take up to six weeks. Since breasts are swollen and scarred right after surgery, patients must take time off work and even domestic responsibilities and allow their bodies to heal fully. Not resting enough during recovery increases the chances of developing BII and autoimmune disorders.

8. Post-Op Medical Assistance

Besides resting, recovering after breast augmentation requires avoiding everyday physical activities, such as walking, going up and down the stairs, cooking, cleaning, bathing, changing clothes, working at a desk, driving, etc. Like everyday activities, recovery after breast enlargement surgery requires refraining from working out. Therefore, individuals undergoing breast implant surgery need full-time assistance after surgery, so they don’t strain their bodies and mind and recover without complications.

9. Ensuring Health and Wellness

The chances of developing BII make every individual undergoing breast augmentation surgery ensure their health and wellness during recovery. This can mean having someone at home who can care for them or hiring someone for the job.

Post-operation, individuals are required to stay in a hygienic environment. They must avoid any foods they are allergic to as it can increase the chances of their immune system reacting to the implants. Consuming a healthy and balanced diet full of vital nutrients is also advised.

10.  Change in Posture

Since most individuals opting for a boob job UK have a small natural breast size, they are unaware of how heavy breasts can be. While A-cup boobs only weigh 1 lb., a pair of C-cup boobs, on average, weighs 4.5 lbs. This additional weight on the chest can negatively impact the posture of the individual undergoing breast implant surgery by pulling down on their spine. It can also lead to muscle aches and neck, shoulder, and back pain.

11.  Change in Texture

Breast implants with smooth textures feel more natural but don’t hold their position very well. On the other hand, textured breast implants stay in their place but feel like sandpaper. Since textured implants are better at retaining their overall shape, many cosmetic surgeons recommend them over smooth ones. If you opt for breast implants, you will have to compromise on either one of the aspects.

12.  Loss of Sensation in Nipples

Breast tissue swelling post-operation is a normal body reaction that leads to temporary loss of sensation in nipples. The loss of sensation lasts from a few weeks to a few months. However, in some cases, this temporary side effect can become permanent.

Though this factor isn’t life-changing, it still requires consideration as nipples are an important part of the body, especially the breasts. Gentle massage and stimulation of the nipples after the surgery can help reduce the chances of permanent loss of nipple sensation.

13.  Loss of Ability to Breast Feed

Breast implants are placed behind the mammary ducts, so they don’t always affect a woman’s breastfeeding ability. However, certain issues may arise during or after the surgery, disrupting or leading to losing the ability to breastfeed. These include:

  • Reducing mammary glands to make space for breast implants
  • Nerve damage during the surgery
  • Deep incision during the surgery
  • Breast implant illness
  • Improper healing of breast tissue after surgery

14.  High Costs

In the UK, a boob job can cost up to 10,000 pounds sterling, including consultations and post-op care. This cost does not include replacement or removal charges when things go wrong. Breast implant surgeries are not usually covered by NHS either. However, NHS provides breast augmentation Manchester surgeries for individuals who have uneven breasts and suffer stress.

15.  Psychological Impact

Despite their high costs and the ability to provide women with their ideal body shape, breast augmentation can cause severe psychological distress. The chances of feeling sad are especially high after the surgery and are called “booby blues.” Causes contributing to women feeling sad and overly emotional after surgery may involve limited and restricted movement, long recovery periods, and pain.

Though it increases self-esteem, breast enlargement has been linked to the development of anxiety, depression, and substance addictions in the long term. This mostly happens to those individuals who opt for breast augmentation due to body dysmorphia, a mental health disorder characterized by patients finding and obsessing over flaws in their physical appearance.

How to Know if Getting a Breast Enlargement in Manchester is Right For You?

Considering the above factors can allow you to make an informed decision. Ruling out the possibility of suffering from body dysmorphia is especially important since it will only lead to further discomfort. Cosmetic surgeries are not the correct solution for this mental health issue. It requires long-term therapy to build self-acceptance and practice self-love.

It is essential to have enough resources for boob job UK. Besides the procedure, time off from work, help around the house and personal chores, and other lifestyle changes during recovery time can cost thousands. Moreover, removing and replacing breast implants and post-operative care during these procedures can cost as much as the Manchester breast enlargement costs.

On the other hand, breast implants are a great way to achieve a feminine and curvy look and enhance self-confidence. While there are various potential complications, breast augmentation can be safe if you choose the right cosmetic surgeon. The high cost of breast augmentation, divided over the days it makes you feel better about yourself over ten years, is reduced to about twenty pounds daily. One survey reported that over 97 percent of women opting for breast implants were satisfied and happy with their decision.

How to Find the Right Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Enlargement in Manchester?

You may find multiple recommendations and options when you search “boob job near me” or “breast enlargement near me,” it is important to note that not all plastic and cosmetic surgeons offering breast enlargement in Manchester are certified. The UK requires surgeons to register with the General Medical Council or obtain a cosmetic surgery certificate from the Royal College of Surgeons.

You must never hesitate to inquire about your surgeon’s credentials. A certified or registered surgeon will never make you feel awkward or guilty about asking them for their credentials. Instead, they will be more than happy to provide proof so you can get into a relaxed state of mind. Besides education, you must also inquire about your cosmetic surgeon’s relevant experience. You can search for testimonials from their satisfied patients on the internet. Don’t ignore the complaints and look for the surgeon or their clinic’s response to the negative reviews.

If you are unsure how to select the right surgeon for breast augmentation, consider asking your social circle to find one for you. Call your friends, inquire on your social media, or check local internet forums and groups to find people happy with their decision to undergo breast augmentation. Talk to these people to hear their experience of preparation, procedure, and post-op care. It will allow you to mentally prepare yourself for the surgery and know what to look for in a cosmetic surgeon.

Don’t miss out on checking the facility in person. While you may find all the information about cosmetic surgeons online, you must visit the medical facility where you will undergo the procedure. It must be hygienic, state-of-the-art, and up-to-date with complete medical equipment. Scheduling an in-person consultation is an especially great reason to visit the facility. Besides meeting the surgeon in person and presenting all your concerns and questions will also allow you to see how the support staff handles patients.

Though you must know everything, including all the pros and cons of breast enlargement UK since you are at the end of this article, don’t forget to ask everything from your surgeon. You don’t want to choose a cosmetic surgeon who doesn’t prioritize your health and well-being, answer your questions, or care about your satisfaction. A good surgeon will do it all as well as prepare you for the surgery if you opt for it.

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