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Hair transplants are not just for men

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there is a common misconception that only men have hair transplants. However, hair loss treatments are readily available for women and a transplant is just one of them. In 2018, hair transplants are on the rise.

Mrs Carla M Babicki  |  RGN

Last Updated On: June 6, 2023 | Published On: March 10, 2018


Medically reviewed by Mr Shivram Singh MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Plast), Medical Director & Lead,
Medical Advisory Committee for Manchester Private Hospital
Last Reviewed July 27th 2022

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Not only are more people undergoing treatment for hairloss with a transplant, but they are also publicising it.
Being open and public about a hair transplant is a great way to build confidence, instead of hiding away.
As more celebrities are undergoing transplantation of the hair folicles, so are the general public.
While there is still a stigma surrounding hair transplants, there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.
Along with the celebrity influence, social media is also contributing to the rise of hair transplants through sharing of photos and reviews.
Women as well as men can lose their hair for all sorts of reasons.

hair loss

Whilst the common cause for both men and women is hereditary-pattern baldness, there are other conditions that can cause hair to fall out.

  • One condition that is common but not so well publicised is traction alopecia.
  • Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss whereby the primary cause is pulling the hair too tight over a prolonged period.
  • Certain hairstyles such as braids, pigtails or ponytails are known for causing traction alopecia.
  • It can also be caused by the use of clasps or hair clips.
  • If you suspect you are suffering from this type of hair loss, call us today in confidence for a friendly chat about the condition. You can also arrange a consultation where you will receive a thorough examination to confirm the condition and discuss your treatment options.

Hair loss is best treated at the earliest possible sign. However, if you’ve been worried about alopecia but can’t quite put your finger on what is causing it, you could be a victim of traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is common for women who constantly pull their hair towards the scalp. Certain hairstyles are worse than others but braiding is particularly bad for it.

Pulling your hair tight over a prolonged period can not only cause the hair to fall out, but to scar the head too.

Another cause of traction alopecia is very long hair. Women who grow their hair to unusual lengths have also been known to suffer this condition due to the weight of theit hair and the gradual increase over time with no relief to the scalp.

If traction alopecia remains untreated for a long period of time and is allowed to worsen, the only method of treatment is hair transplant surgery.

  • In 2018, people are being more adventurous with hair styles and many people are growing their hair longer.
  • Other hairstyles that can cause hair loss are dreadlocks and braids with extensions attached.
  • Traction alopecia can affect both men and women although when caused by hairstyle, it tends to be more common in women. Hair loss through hairstyle often occurs at the hairline, around the side of your head near the temple regions.
  • It’s not just hairstyles that cause traction alopecia. It can also be caused by wearing something on your head, such as a helmet, very tight and for prolonged periods of time.
  • The helmet can sometimes be too close to ths scalp and can tug or rub constantly on the hair. Compressing the hair and moving it back and forth against the skull. People who experience traction alopecia through headwear include; motorcyclists, skiers, snowboarders and cyclers.

Some people also experience hair loss through chemicals. Hair dyes and relaxers are known for sometimes causing alopecia.
Regardless of the cause, the good news is that there is a treatment available that can ‘cure’ hair loss.
No longer do you need to be embarrassed or stressed with the thought of losing your hair or having to cover up a bald patch.
Both FUE and FUT are available to women and can be very successful in providing a permanent long term solutions to hair loss.
Transplants are also available for eyebrows.

Call us today to arrange a consultation. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation and it can help you get peace of mind knowing that there are options available that are tailored to your exact needs.

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