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sorcha breast enlargement day-1

Day 1

Bye bye old boobs! I had my surgery today with Lopa Patel at The Manchester Private Hospital. Because of my job, it was really important for me to have a natural look so we went for 275cc teardrop & over the muscle. I began questioning my decision before I went in And felt so nervous I could barely speak! The nurses were so beyond friendly and comforting, as was Lopa! As soon as I came around, I felt sleepy but felt so much better after the tea and toast the nurses made me. When I got home I felt absolutely fine, 2/10 pain and managed a full night sleep.


sorcha breast enlargement day-2-1

Day 2

I’ve had a couple of peaks at my new boobs today and lm absolutely over the moon. The surgeon seems to have captured my vision so clearly, I can’t wait for them to settle to see the final look. Pain still very minimal! Worst pain is my upper back from being propped up in bed. The pain I am feeling around my chest is mainly tight, like I’ve done ab work outs at the gym.

sorcha breast enlargement day-3

Day 3

Last night and today have been really tough. I’ve felt a lot more pain in the right side of my breast. I took cocodamol as prescribed by the hospital but that resulted in making me feel nauseous. I have been bed bound all day! The nausea is worse than the breast pain- really avoiding being sick! Pain 6/10

sorcha breast enlargement day-4-1

Day 4

Today, I was still experiencing the pain under my scar but the main issue for me today was the bloating. Unfortunately, general anaesthetic really slows your digestive system down and it really caught up with me. Luckily I had my nail lady come round to do my hands and toes which made me feel better. Again, I slept the whole night through! Definitely getting used to sleeping on my back. Pain 6/10


sorcha breast enlargement day-5

Day 5

Today felt like a big step! I was able to work from home on my laptop all day and only had 2 doses of paracetamol. Still bloated but feels like my body is getting back on track again. It’s very hot weather at the moment which has been difficult, especially not being able to shower/ get my stitches wet- my hair so greasy! Luckily, I have a great mum who’s looked after me all week. She gave me a careful bath today avoiding my stitches and also washed my hair! I felt so much better after. Scar pains are still super sore! Pain 5/10

sorcha breast enlargement day-6

Day 6

Today I stayed in bed most of the day! It’s really hot at the minute which makes being in this bra and not being able to shower super annoying. I’ve began working from home since yesterday! It’s a small step but I’m really proud considering I had a big op last week. So today, I worked from my bed, had a nap and then sat outside in the sun with a book. After that my family and I went for some food at the local pub! Another milestone! My first outing. I’d say the pain is a 3/10.

sorcha breast enlargement day-7

Day 7

Today again, I worked in the morning and in the afternoon I was able to go and see some family. I felt so much better today, being able to dress and make the most of the weather! This is the first day I didn’t need to get back in to bed after waking up. I got up, did my work, went to my families house and then came back and did some painting with my mum and sister. Pain today 2/10. Slight stinging under my scars and points but nothing continual.

sorcha breast enlargement day-8

Day 8

Today is one week post op! Today I feel absolutely fine, I feel guilty for even being in bed because there’s no reason for me to be! There’s still a little tightness of the scars and my nipples are sore however, nothing I can’t live with. Tomorrow I’m having my post op and potentially getting my bandages off! Can’t wait to have a proper look at them! Pain: 2/10

sorcha breast enlargement day-9-1

Day 9

Today I had my bandages removed by my nurse Carla. She said everything is healing well which I’m so happy about! I can’t believe the size of my stitches- 3cm! They’re so small and barely noticeable. I love the look of my boobs more than ever! Pain: 2/10

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