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Sonja’s Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation

Procedure: Breast Enlargement

Sonja’s Rhinoplasty And Breast Augmentation Experience At Manchester Private Hospital

Sonja came to Manchester Private Hospital to address some long-held self esteem issues around the appearance of her nose. She was blown away by the friendliness and professionalism of the team. So when she wanted to opt for her breast augmentation, she knew exactly where she wanted to go.

Tell Us About Your Plastic Surgery Journey?

When I was younger, I was bullied a lot because of my nose. It had a large, bumped appearance. I knew from a really young age that as soon as I was able to afford surgery, I would have a rhinoplasty.

How Did You Research Your Procedure?

I did lots of online research, and made lots of phonecalls. I spoke to surgery providers all across the UK. When I called up Manchester Private Hospital, everything immediately felt different. The staff were so friendly and understanding, I felt supported and understood. When I booked in for my consultation I was so excited. The results of my rhinoplasty have transformed my confidence.

What Happened Next?

When I turned thirty, I felt really great. I had my family and my children, but I was also after a boost to my self esteem. I’d thought for a long time about undergoing breast augmentation, and now I knew exactly where I’d go to have the procedure. I booked in at Manchester Private Hospital again.

How Did You Feel After Your Consultation?

So excited. My surgeon talked me through all the options. I understood the different results I’d get depending on what type of augmentation I went for. I opted for a size which made me feel great, without looking unnatural or over the top.

How Was Recovery For You?

Recovery was really comfortable. I felt reassured that I could call up with any questions. I was so excited to see the post-recovery results.

Has Having Surgery Changed Your Life In Any Way? Do You Feel Different?

Friends and family say that I seem like myself, but with an extra boost. I just feel good about myself, and I’m so, so grateful to Manchester Private Hospital for helping me achieve that.

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