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Tubular Breast Correction

At Manchester Private Hospital, we strive to educate women about breasts and provide the best cosmetic surgical procedure to help them achieve their cosmetic goals. We believe tubular breast is a condition that isn’t discussed much. As a result, many women don’t know they have it, and those with tubular breasts are embarrassed to discuss it.

So, if you’re dealing with tubular breasts, you have come to the right place. We’ll walk you through comprehensive details about tubular breasts and how our experienced GMC-registered surgeons can help you feel beautiful and confident again.

What Are Tubular Breasts?

Also known as tuberous breasts, or snoopy breasts, it is a breast deformity or a congenital abnormality. In tubular breasts, either one or both boobs fail to develop normally or fully during puberty. It is a genetic condition characterised by constricted tube-shaped boobs caused by the tight bands underneath the skin that prevent the breast’s glands from growing normally.

Tuberous breasts cause abnormalities in the volume distribution of the breasts, their shape, size and the nipple-areola complex shape. Unlike the regular round shape, tubular breasts have a pointy tube appearance.

Tubular breasts can be classified into four types. These include the following:

Defining Characteristics Of Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are quite common. Some of the defining characteristics of tuberous boobs are:

  • Protruding nipples
  • Enlarged areolas
  • Side-set in shape
  • Noticeable breast spacing (mostly far apart)
  • Breast tissue concentrated right at the base
  • Cylindrical in shape – not rounded
  • Loose and sagging
  • Breast crease is higher than average
  • Herniated and bulgy nipple areola
  • Pigmented areas around the nipple

As a result, the visual appearance of tuberous breasts may take a toll on women and negatively impact their self-esteem and confidence. However, thanks to groundbreaking advancements in medical science, the characteristics of tuberous boobs can be corrected easily.

At Manchester Private Hospital, we customise the tubular breast correction treatment plan for patients depending on the severity of the case. For example, milder tuberous breasts are characterised by a high-infra mammary fold, a short distance between the breast and nipple. However, severe cases of tuberous breasts are when the breast shape becomes elongated with constriction in the breast’s bottom and nipple areola herniation.

The degree of tuberous breast severity influences tubular breast correction techniques. In general, the treatment focuses on widening the constricted breast base to the regular size while lowering the infra-mammary gap. This is followed by increasing breast size, lowering the nipple-areola complex size and restoring the symmetry of the breasts.

Tubular Breast Correction – What Are Your Best Treatment Options?

If you’re struggling with tubular breasts, contact us. At MPH, we can provide a personalised treatment plan with the best surgical techniques to help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

Every patient has unique breast anatomy and different degrees of breast deformity, so each case requires a unique treatment plan with breast correction techniques. They depend on the boob size, shape and position, and body goals of the patient. Tubular breast correction surgery is quite complex, demanding experience and specialised skills. For this reason, patients prefer to consult and get their boob jobs done by experienced surgeons in Manchester.

Our surgeon uses special and proven reconstructive methods for treating tubular breasts by releasing constricted tissue, lifting boobs and reshaping them while repositioning the areolar.

The breast enlargement technique is often used for releasing constricted tissue, increasing the tissue’s stretch and volume. However, some patients may also need breast uplift for tightening if they don’t want a breast implant. Here’s an overview of the reconstructive techniques that surgeons use to treat tubular breasts:

One-Step Tubular Boob Correction Surgery

Our surgeon may advise this surgery if you have enough breast tissue to reconstruct tuberous breasts without the implants. The surgery includes the following steps:

  • First, it releases the constricted tissue around the base of your breast
  • Next, some of the boob tissue is spread into the lower part, compensating for inadequate breast tissue
  • It releases the constrictive band located around the patient’s areola
  • The breasts are lifted to ensure the repositioning of the nipple into its natural position
  • Moreover, the size of the areola may also be reduced if they are too big

During this surgery, the surgeon reshapes tubular boobs and nipples – all at the same time. It is an excellent procedure to get rid of puffy and snoopy nipples while making your nipples appear more proportional to the breasts. It also gives a rounded and fuller look to your breasts.

Two-Step Tubular Correction Surgery

Our surgeon may advise two surgeries if your tubular boob deformity is severe.

The first surgery releases the constrictive tissue around the nipples and base of your boobs. Next, tissue expanders are carefully implanted. Tissue expanders or inflatable implants are used for severe constriction cases. In this surgery, the implants are blown up with weekly saltwater injections, which further help stretch the skin’s tissue. It helps create ample space for breast implants in the future.

Once breasts are stretched, it is followed by a second surgical procedure where we replace the expanders with permanent breast implants. For a natural appearance, our surgeon further reshapes the nipples and breasts.

Ideally, the two-step tubular breast correction procedure is for treating issues like:

  • Fixing breast asymmetry
  • Filling the cleavage
  • Giving more volume to the breasts
  • Reducing the gap between the breasts

Fat Grafting

Mild deformities caused due to tubular breasts are easier to fix with fat grafting. The procedure is less invasive. Fat grafting removes fat from targeted areas like hips, the belly, and thighs and then grafts or injects them in the boobs strategically for correction. The procedure helps:

  • Loosen constricted tissue
  • Fix the pointy nipples
  • Enlarge breasts
  • Contour the cleavage
  • Composite Breast Enlargement

Also known as lipo-implant, it is an innovative technique that uses fat grafting and implants to restore breast shape. In this technique, the lower area of the breast is expanded with fat grafts and implants for full reconstruction of the breast. This technique promises women both the best cosmetic results and a natural appearance.

Prep Tips, Aftercare And Recovery

At MPH, we strive to provide treatments in conformance with the highest safety and quality standards with excellent care, empathy, and compassion. Our excellent patient care begins with a consultation. We make sure that the procedure is completed fast and with minimal discomfort. As an outpatient, you can return home on the day of the operation after your tubular breast correction surgery. Hence, asking a family member or friend to assist you and drive you home is advisable.

Preparation Tips

  • Refrain from smoking at least six weeks before the surgery and after it
  • Avoid ibuprofen and aspirin intake at least ten days before the tubular breast correction surgery
  • However, you can take your prescribed medication if necessary (based on medical history)


  • Once the procedure is complete, your wounds will be covered with a dressing that you must keep for at least one week.
  • You will have to wear a sports bra for six weeks at least.
  • Please note that your healing process is likely to be affected and delayed if you don’t stop smoking. Also, small openings in the incision corners may occur, which can be easily treated with antibiotics.


  • The recovery process is ongoing depending on fast you heal. However, you can resume work after a week. However, strenuous activities like exercise should be delayed for at least six weeks.
  • As the recovery continues, your breasts will be firm and swollen for the first two weeks. The shape and size of the breasts will not be fully visible for a couple of months.
  • Furthermore, our surgeon will call you after seven days to review the wound and your healing journey and then again after six weeks to see the progression. We will prescribe medication to prevent and control swelling and discomfort after surgery. Additionally, after six weeks, you will be advised to start massaging your scars.

Risks And Complications Of Tubular Breast Correction Surgery

Almost every surgical treatment carries some risk. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the risks and complications. Compare your risks to the procedure’s potential benefits to make an informed decision. Though most patients undergoing tubular breast correction surgery don’t experience complications, you should evaluate the risks before proceeding. Some of the risks and complications you can suffer from are:

  • Implant Rupture or Leak

Breast implants can often fail. They can break and leak. Breast implants may rupture because of an injury or during mammography. Broken and damaged implants can’t be repaired. Hence, in such a situation, you will need to remove them and replace the damaged implants with new ones.

  • Capsular Contracture 

After a tubular breast correction surgery, you may be at risk of capsular contracture. It is a condition where the patient develops scar tissue around breast implants. This scar tissue causes the breasts to harden and tighten. Not only is it painful, but it also causes discomfort and pain. Though the complication is almost unpredictable, certain techniques help reduce the risk. For example:

  • The use of textured breast implants
  • Placing implants underneath the muscle. This implant placement can lower the risk of capsular contracture by nearly 8 to 12 per cent over the patient’s lifetime.
  • Massage is also an effective way to prevent the risk of capsular contracture. Many surgeons believe massaging techniques can help soften boobs post-operatively and reduce swelling. Massage can help patients recover faster and feel better.
  • Closed fillings systems can also lower the risk of capsular contracture as the saline used for implant filling flows into the sterile bag, through the tubing, and into the implant. Therefore, it reduces the possibility of any bacteria or foreign body entering the implants and causing complications like capsular contracture.

Nonetheless, if capsular contracture occurs, you will need surgery and implants removed or replaced.

  • Skin Rippling and Wrinkling 

Another complication that you’re exposed to after a tubular breast correction procedure is skin rippling and wrinkling. In this condition, there is a palpable and visible wrinkling of breast implants. Although some wrinkling is normal, it can be more pronounced in women with saline-filled breast implants.

  • Double-Bubble

It is a complication where the breast tissue falls below its central mound. In other words, the implant sits lower than the Inframammary crease. It leads to contour deformity, which requires further treatment.

  • Loss of Nipple Sensation

This condition is quite common among patients who undergo this surgery. However, it is temporary, and the sensation returns after a few months. Some patients, nonetheless, may experience permanent or partial loss of sensation in their nipples which can negatively affect their sexual responses and the ability to breastfeed.

  • Calcification

It is a complication characterised by the deposits of calcium in the scar tissue around the implants. It can cause firmness and pain. Moreover, they may be visible on your mammography.

Tubular Breast Correction FAQS

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about tubular breasts and correction surgery:

How Do You Get Tubular Breasts?

You may notice the unusual shape of the breasts and a narrow base. Your boobs may also droop, with the nipple-areolar complexes appearing enlarged.

Should I Be Worried If I Have Tubular Boobs?

All breast implants and related devices are manufactured by Nagor in state-of-the-art facilities that strictly adhere to the ISP 13485 standards and requirements for Class-III sterile implants. Furthermore, it conforms to EN and ISO requirements and has a CE mark certification. Rest assured, Nagor implants’ quality is top-notch. It’s a name you can trust and count on.

Moreover, Nagor is committed to quality and excellence, which is evident from its ongoing market research and development with investment in manufacturing processes. The company is supported by the best QC management system – EN ISO 13485.

Are Nagor’s Implants Safe?

Absolutely not! It is reassuring that tuberous breasts have no impact on health. Hence, your decision for tubular breast correction is purely aesthetic. The tubular breast correction surgery can help address concerns and abate anxieties, especially if you feel self-conscious during sex or about wearing bodycon and other clothes that accentuate your curves.

Can Tuberous Breasts Go Away Over Time?

No. They will not go away over time or through lifestyle changes. You will need surgery to correct the condition, either through breast enlargement or fat grafting.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Tubular Breast Correction Surgery?

You may be a suitable candidate for tubular breast correction surgery if you have the physical characteristics and if the misshapen breasts bother you mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, below are some of the many symptoms of tuberous breasts that can easily be corrected through surgery, such as:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Breasts constriction
  • The base of one or both boobs is excessively thin
  • The breast crease is too tight or high
  • Breast hypoplasia (a condition of underdeveloped boobs)


What Type Of Anaesthesia Is Used During The Surgery?

We use general anaesthesia, which helps protect the airway of the patient while ensuring the patient is comfortable during the corrective surgery.

Is It Possible To Correct Tubular Breasts Without Implants?

Mild-grade deformities can be corrected by lifting the breasts and injecting fat in the lower poles of the boobs without the use of implants.

Do You Perform Both Procedures, Tubular Breast Correction And Breast Enlargement, On The Same Day?

Yes. Most patients with tubular breasts require implants to fill the lower pole of the breasts. This requires both procedures to be carried out on the same surgery.

When Can I Go Back To My Regular Exercise Routine?

You walk and perform light activities after surgery. However, you will need to wait for at least six weeks or more before you can resume strenuous workouts and activities.

How Are The Scars After The Surgery?

Scars from the surgery fade away over time, but they will never disappear. Please note the extent of your scarring depends on the surgical complexity. Unfortunately, it is beyond the control of your surgeon, but they can provide you with a steroid treatment like Haelan tape if you get hypertrophic/poor scars.

Will I Be Able To Breastfeed After Tubular Breast Correction Surgery?

Women with type III tuberous boob are less successful at breastfeeding. It is because of insufficient glandular breast tissue, i.e., the tissue that produces milk.

How Long Will The Results From The Correction Surgery Last?

Though the results from tubular breast correction surgery are permanent, ageing, excessive weight loss, and pregnancy can alter the appearance of the boobs over time.

What Is The Tubular Breast Correction Consultation Process At Manchester Private Hospital?

At Manchester Private Hospital, every patient’s journey begins with a consultation with our experienced surgeon. You can schedule a free initial consultation with our surgeon to get started. We offer in-person and eConsultation via Zoom for added convenience. Book a consultation mode that suits you the best.

You can discuss your case and concerns regarding tubular breast correction surgery during the consultation. Our surgeon will address all your reservations to your complete satisfaction. Furthermore, our surgeon will also thoroughly examine your breasts to determine which type of tubular breast deformity you have and the best correction method in your case. Our GMC-registered surgeon will perform the following:

  • Review your medical history and surgeries you have had in the past
  • Measure and examine the shape of your boobs
  • Discuss our desired goals and expectations from the surgery
  • Walk you through the surgical procedure, aftercare tips and recovery process
  • Discuss potential risks and complications of tubular breast correction surgery

Our surgeon will create a customised treatment plan according to your condition. Generally speaking, the corrective surgery plan may involve the following:

  • Reducing the nipple-areolar complex size
  • Releasing the constricted tissue by cutting through the glandular tissue
  • Areola’s complex placement in the middle of the boobs creates an aesthetically appealing look
  • Breast augmentation with silicone implants or through a fat transfer for an enhanced look and a confidence boost

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now. Schedule a free initial consultation with us for fuller breasts. For appointments, call us at 0161 507 8822. You can send us your queries to [email protected].

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