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Specialist Treatments

At Manchester Private Hospital

Modern Technological Advancements Put to Good Use

At Manchester Private Hospital, we provide a variety of assistance with surgical procedures. Mostly, our procedures take place during a three-stage process: making the incision to begin the surgical practice; the management or removal of any organs or tissue needed; and, finally, suturing for perfection.

The aim is always to try and make the impact of surgery as minimal as possible on the body, always gaining access to the body with the least invasive natures possible. We try to keep all incisions within a 15mm length.

Thanks to technological advancement, we can use miniature cameras and specialty tools to help carry out even the most complex surgical procedures without the old recovery times and surgical risks. We are proud to be a Minimal Access Surgery theatre that makes the most of the latest medical technological advancements. Used accordingly, this helps us to make the most of top quality European and American medical equipment. This translates into faster, safer and less drastic medical procedures with minimal complications and problems.

People-Specific Care Carried Out by Experts

Our aim isn’t only to use high-quality technology to help you enjoy a safer, faster surgical experience, though. Alongside ensuring the procedure is 100% safe and above board, we also make that sure that post-surgical recovery is as quick and as painless as possible.

This is why our medical team keeps regular check-ups with all surgical patients. This lets us know that they get the nutritional assistance and medical overview needed to ensure recovery is as optimal as possible. From the first 6 hours of surgery, we’ll ensure you can have access to effective nutritional solutions to help you feel better, stronger, and healthier in no time at all.

We aim to discharge all patients within 24h, with the condition fully explained to the patient and family/guardians, so that post-surgical care can be as effective as possible.

All of this comes under our inclusive billing program. We want you to know what you are getting access to; trusting someone with your body is a major ask. This is why we take the time and the precision to make sure that there is no need to worry or feel doubt, by ensuring medical care, food and everything else can be arranged during your stay.

So, let the worries you have about your procedure vanish; we’ll take care of everything in our fully air-conditioned facilities which are primed for fast response expert delivery of proven medical solutions, and friendly care that treats you like a person, helping to minimize downtime.

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