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Nagor Implants

At Manchester Private Hospital, our patients are our priority. We strive to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic procedures for the best outcomes and complete satisfaction. Hence, when you choose us for breast enlargement in the UK, you can expect the procedure to meet the highest industry standards of quality, safety and health. We only use top-quality breast implants for the procedure, like Nagor implants. Read on for more details about Nagor implants and why we use them at Manchester Private Hospital for cosmetic procedures.

Nagor Implants – What Are They?

Nagor implants are breast implants used for reshaping and enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the breasts. Nagor is the only manufacturer of implants and related devices in Britain. The company has been in the market since 1979 and has earned a stellar market reputation based on its superior quality. The quality of their implants can be gauged by the fact that each implant has a lifetime guarantee. Nagor offers saline and silicone implants in more than 270 different options.

Different Types Of Nagor Implants

As every woman is beautiful and unique, Nagor offers saline and silicone implants in more than 270 options. From round to anatomically shaped, textured, and smooth, Nagor offers implants in different sizes and shapes to suit the needs of women across the UK.

At Manchester Private Hospital, we specialise in using both types of breast implants offered by Nagor. The type of implants for breast enlargement in the UK is usually a multifactorial process. It involves selecting from various implant sizes, shapes, attributes, and textures. Other factors that come into play in narrowing down your options and making the final selection are: considering the patients’ tissue characteristics, anatomy, and aesthetic goals.

Nagor Silicone Breast Implants

All silicone implants by Nagor are created with superior-quality silicone elastomer layers. These high-performance elastomer layers of silicone help enhance and improve the outer shell integrity. Moreover, the unique 360¬į barrier layer in these silicone implants serves as a barrier layer for minimising the gel diffusion possibility much needed to maintain the implant shape.

The silicone gel-diffused implants for breasts by Nagor are readily available on smooth surfaces and the patent Nagotex surface. Nagor’s Nagotex surface breast implants are made with soft and stable high-cohesive gel for maximum performance and best results.

Here is a quick overview of the products in Nagor’s silicone breast implants range:


Impleo by Nagor is said to be the new generation of their round implants. These implants offer improved lift and increased fullness in the upper breasts. With Impleo round breast implants, women can achieve more cleavage volume with increased projection- excellent for a youthful and perkier appearance.

Moreover, Impleo undergoes a NEW3 sterilisation process. It is sterilised by dry heat and offers a GCA Comfort Guarantee, which is a lifetime guarantee against capsular contracture and rupture. Impleo is available in the widest range of sizes and profiles. All options in Impleo’s range are made from stable soft form, highly cohesive gel that offers a natural look. It features a sixth-generation SiloGel Twist, which lends the implants the following characteristics:

  • Made with highly cohesive gel, which makes them impossible to break
  • Improved adhesion between shell and gel
  • Round implants with stable and soft gel
  • They also include SiloGard 360 degrees barrier layer for enhanced shell integrity and minimising gel diffusion.


Cogel is another excellent product from Nagor’s breast implant range. These implants are made using a Nagotex surface with three variable projections and heights and nine different cells, and 90 variations.
Unlike Impleo, the shape of Cogel implants is contoured into teardrops or anatomical implants. These implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel for a natural appearance. Cogel Nagor implants are shaped like teardrops offering gentler upper portion contouring while giving superior fullness in the breast’s lower portion- right below the nipple. They look great and have a natural appearance.


Featuring Nagotex textured surface, GFX is a round implant by Nagor filled with cohesive high-performance silicone gel. It is important to understand that the implant’s shell is designed to smoothly and firmly hold the gel in its place. The textured GFX surface is exclusively designed to provide high-quality tissue adherence while reducing complications. In other words, the textured surface of the implants allows them to surround breast tissue which means they are less likely to drop or rotate. Furthermore, GFX by Nagor has thicker walls than the smooth, surfaced breast, making them feel firmer.


Unlike GFX, RGI breast implants have a smooth surface. These are also available in 56 different round breast implant options. They are 100 per cent filled with cohesive gel. What makes these implants by Nagor favourite among patients is that they require smaller incisions and ensure easy insertion. The smooth RGI implants are deployed with Revolutionary BioQ technology with well-optimised biocompatibility. This further allows them to settle in the body faster, creating a more visually appealing and natural look. Moreover, Nagor’s silicone implants are less likely to wrinkle or ripple.

Saline Breast Implants

Nagor’s saline breast implants contain a solution of sterile saltwater. This solution is quite similar to the fluid found naturally in the body. Furthermore, Saline breast implants by Nagor have a firmer feel than their gel counterparts. However, some patients prefer saline because they think it is more comfortable, and it’s quite easier to identify ruptures in saline implants. Besides this, the risk of leakage in saline implants is lesser.

Saline round implants by Nagor are available in an extensive range of sizes and profiles with smooth and textured surfaces. There are nearly 64 options for patients looking for saline implants. Additionally, Nagor’s saline breast implants can be made to order. Hence, you can easily customise them to suit your body type and goals.

Nagor Implants FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Nagor implants used for breast augmentation cosmetic procedures. You are likely to find your answers in this section. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a query or schedule a free in-person or eConsultation via Zoom.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Nagor Implants?

GC or Global Consolidated Aesthetics is the umbrella company for two industry-leading breast implant manufacturing brands- one of them is Nagor. GC Aesthetics has been in the business of manufacturing implants for more than four decades.

How Can I Be Sure Of The Quality Of Nagor Implants?

All breast implants and related devices are manufactured by Nagor in state-of-the-art facilities that strictly adhere to the ISP 13485 standards and requirements for Class-III sterile implants. Furthermore, it conforms to EN and ISO requirements and has a CE mark certification. Rest assured, Nagor implants’ quality is top-notch. It’s a name you can trust and count on.

Moreover, Nagor is committed to quality and excellence, which is evident from its ongoing market research and development with investment in manufacturing processes. The company is supported by the best QC management system ‚Äď EN ISO 13485.

Are Nagor’s Implants Safe?

Yes. They are both comfortable and safe. Their breast implants conform to the top safety standards, ensuring they have the least rupture rate. Nagor is a brand by GCA, a company strongly committed to ensuring the safety of its products. The company goes the extra mile to ensure the highest safety standards, such as:

  • Pre-clinical testing of implants
  • Invest in ongoing clinical studies
  • Continuously perform post-market surveillance globally, pushing the bar higher and ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, the safety data of GCA Nagor implants for the last ten years provide quality evidence to support safety, performance, and efficacy. Their multi-centric study, including 500 patients, showed a very low rupture rate of just 4.9 per cent compared to their competitors in ten years.

Likewise, when evaluated for capsular contracture, GCA implants had a low rate for Baker grades III & IV- only 13.8 per cent.

Also, they had only a 13.3 per cent re-intervention rate, where most exchanges and removals were performed for non-medical reasons like scars, malposition, and volume change.

What Are They Used For?

Our surgeons at Manchester Private Hospital use the breast implants by Nagor for multiple cosmetic procedures:

  • Breast augmentation ‚ÄďAlso known as a boob job, this cosmetic procedure involves using breast implants to augment the size of the patient‚Äôs breasts. The procedure helps restore the volume of the breast, which may be lost after pregnancy or excessive weight loss. The procedure helps achieve the breast‚Äôs fuller and more rounded shape and improves natural boob size asymmetry. The surgeon makes an incision and places Nagor implants either behind the
  • Reconstruction followed by breast cancer surgery¬†is an effective and feasible post-mastectomy option. After a mastectomy, it uses several plastic surgery techniques are used to restore breasts to normal appearance and shape. During a mastectomy, the entire breast is removed. However, our surgeons use Nagor breast implants to reconstruct the shape of the breast. Both saline and silicone implants by Nagor can be used for breast reconstruction.
  • To correct breast development defects such as tubular breast tissue or the muscle of the chest wall.¬†Tubular breast defects can be corrected through breast augmentation. During this correction surgery, our surgeon inserts Nagor‚Äôs implants at the base of the breast to fill the chest cavity, enhancing the breast‚Äôs size and shape.¬†Our surgeon can also improve the shape of your tubular breasts by widening the base with implants for a rounder visual appearance. Once the breast tissue is filled, the implants lift the areola and nipple, which enables them to sit flatter against the boob. It ensures the boobs don‚Äôt look pointy or have a downward projection.

Are There Any Complications That May Arise?

There is no cosmetic procedure without risk or complication. Similarly, some complications may occur with breast implants. Though very rare with Nagor implants, you may be at risk of the following:

Implant Rupture: It is when a hole or tear occurs in the implant’s outer shell. The risk of rupturing increases over the implant’s life. However, because of the cohesiveness of the silicone gel, sometimes ruptures may go unnoticed unless you see a visible difference in the size of one of the breasts or an MRI is performed. Rupture may also occur when excessive force is applied to the chest, such as a blow to the chest in a roadside accident. Needless to say, once an implant ruptures, it should be removed and replaced.

BIA-ALCL: Another complication related to breast implants is Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Also known as BIA-ALCL, this condition is an uncommon lymphoma type posing a risk to women with implants. It is a rare blood cancer. The fluid surrounding the implant is collected to diagnose the condition. The implant and scar tissue should be removed if the result is positive.

Capsular Contracture: When the healing process starts after implants are placed, a collagen fibre scar forms around the breast implant. It ensures the placement of the implants. However, capsular contracture occurs when the collagen-fibre capsule shrinks, compresses and tightens. The condition is painful and can distort the breast implant’s visual appearance.

What Is The Cost Of Nagor Breast Implants?

The cost may vary depending on multiple factors, such as:

  • The type of implants you are going to receive
  • Why will you have the surgery?
  • How will the surgery be performed (sub-muscular, sub-mammary, Periareolar or Inframammary)?

However, if cost is a barrier, don’t worry; we have you covered. At Manchester Private Hospital, we offer finance options for cosmetic procedures at zero per cent. It means you don’t have to pay interest charges, and you can easily proceed with the procedure with only a small deposit of £500 and sometimes even no deposit. We offer flexible financing with a choice to spread your breast implant surgery cost over 12 months, two years, or even 60 months, whichever is convenient for you. With us, you don’t have to delay the procedure because of financial limitations. We help you achieve your desired body goals with easy financing options.

What Is Nagor’s GCA Comfort Plus Warranty?

GCA or GC Aesthetics provides patients with a comprehensive and lifetime warranty on implant replacement. It means that if any adverse thing happens to Nagor implants, you (the patient) shall be entitled to a free-of-cost breast implant replacement. The warranty is valid for a lifetime.

Hence, the lifetime warranty shows the company’s confidence in the quality of implants. Please note that the warranty applies to the following adverse effects:

  • Lifetime replacement if your implants get ruptured
  • Lifetime replacement if you experience capsular contracture- an inflammatory reaction caused by the excessive fibrotic foreign body reaction. It further causes fibrosis through collagen production resulting in excessively painful and firm breasts.
  • Lifetime coverage against BIA-ALCL- BIA-ALCL is the abbreviation of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. It is a very rare form of T-cell lymphoma that develops in the scar tissue fluid and capsule that surrounds the breast implant. Symptoms of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma are persistent swelling, severe pain in the area surrounding the breast implant, and the presence of a lump or mass. Please note it is not cancer but a type of non-Hodgkin‚Äôs lymphoma.

Is There A Limitation On The GCA Warranty?

The warranty is applicable to all GCA implants for breasts ‚Äďimplanted after January 1st, 2009. However, a warranty can only be claimed if a licensed and qualified physician appropriately implanted the products in conformance with the accepted surgical techniques and procedures, according to the GCA instructions.

Will The Warranty Cover The Surgery Cost?

No, the warranty only applies to the implants in case you experience complications like ruptured implants and capsular contracture. Please note it doesn’t cover the surgical cost of replacement.

How Long Does It Take To Determine The Eligibility For A Warranty Claim?

GCA has over four decades long experience. It is a name you can trust. The company manages all warranty claims with sheer urgency. Hence, their response time, on average, is 72 hours from the time accurate information is submitted through the official customer complaint form by GCA.

Who And How To Submit The Complaint?

The complaint should be registered by your healthcare professional. Hence, if your implant gets ruptured contact, your healthcare professionals to get the necessary support. Your healthcare professional will email Nagor products or request the customer complaint form from GCA for completion.

Does The Guarantee Cover Capsular Contracture?

Yes. The GCA warranty offers cost-free replacement of breast implants if you become a victim of capsular contracture. The following should be provided:

  • Garde III or Grade IV qualified medical professionals
  • Confirmation of capsular contracture to the GCA
  • Also, take appropriate diagnostic (haematology/ histopathology) reports and scans deemed acceptable by GCA.

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