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Clitoral hood reduction: everything you need to know about the procedure

Clitoral hood reduction is a procedure which reduces the size of a prominent clitoral hood. The clitoral hood is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the highly sensitive glans clitoris. The appearance of the clitoral hood differs greatly from person to person, but a prominent appearance can lead to some people feeling uncomfortable.

Mrs Carla M Babicki  |  RGN

Last Updated On: March 13, 2023 | Published On: December 16, 2022


Medically reviewed by Mr Shivram Singh MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Plast), Medical Director & Lead,
Medical Advisory Committee for Manchester Private Hospital
Last Reviewed December 16th 2022

The clitoral hood is also known medically as the prepuce and functions as a protective layer over the clitoris in between periods of sexual arousal. Through childbirth, or the natural process of ageing, the clitoral hood can become larger in size. In some cases, a more prominent hood can cause pain, or reduce the ability to experience sexual arousal. It may also cause a lack of confidence in intimate situations, or when wearing certain clothing.

If you experience insecurity or reduced sexual stimulation due to a prominent clitoral hood, you may be an ideal candidate for a hoodectomy.

What happens during a hoodectomy?

A hoodectomy tends to be conducted under local anaesthetic, though in some cases is performed under general anaesthetic. It is a straightforward procedure that involves the surgical removal of excess clitoral hood tissue located on either side of the clitoris which results in a smaller clitoral hood better able to retract. The surgeon will remove the excess skin, while taking great care not to disturb the tissue or nerves of the clitoris. Using dissolvable stitches, the surgeon will neatly close the wound.

Clitoral hood tissue may be carried out on its own or may be combined as part of a labiaplasty (labia reduction) procedure to reduce the size of large labia at the same time. The surgery takes around one hour and is usually carried out on an outpatient basis, meaning you’ll be able to recover at home

What will recovery be like?

After a hoodectomy, you’ll need to take around two weeks of rest, with perhaps one to two days off work. You should wear loose clothing and avoid strenuous activity. You’ll also experience some pain, which can be managed with regular pain medication.

Ice packs can be used to help reduce swelling. You will have sutures in place, however, these will dissolve over the following few days. You should wear a sanitary pad for the first week to help with any bleeding. Any rigorous physical activity – including any sexual intercourse and tampon insertion – will have to be avoided for one month to six weeks.

The results

Many people who opt for a hoodectomy report an improved level of sexual sensation once they have recovered. As a result, they may feel happier and more confident in themselves and their relationships. Other patients feel the overall appearance of their genitalia is improved.

Are they any risks involved with a clitoral hood reduction?

There are a small amount of risks associated with the procedure, which are very rare. These include;

• Wound separation
• Asymmetry
• Infection
• Adverse reactions to the anaesthetic

Certain serious risks of surgery include allergy to medicines used during the procedure, deep vein thrombosis or severe wound infection. Our experienced surgeons will talk you through all the risks associated with your procedure during your consultation. The vast majority of patients who undergo clitoral hood reduction are extremely pleased with the results.

Will the procedure result in a scar?

Yes, any surgical procedure involving an incision can result in scarring. A hoodectomy on its own tends to result in a small amount of scarring, which may be more prominent when combined with a labiaplasty. The appearance of scars fade over time, and we will inform you on best practice for managing any scarring. As with all procedures at Manchester Private Hospital, our aftercare service is comprehensive. You’ll attend an aftercare appointment to make sure your recovery is on track.

Choosing a hoodectomy with Manchester Private Hospital

Consultations at Manchester Private Hospital are thorough and professional. We’ll undertake a full medical assessment based on your age, body type and medical history. We’ll take into consideration your desired goals, and give an honest and upfront opinion on whether the procedure is best for you, or if an alternative surgery might provide the desired results. Crucially, Manchester Private Hospital is a pressure-free environment, meaning you’ll be informed and in control at every stage.

The team at Manchester Private Hospital will make sure your experience is comfortable and safe. Our surgeons have decades of combined experience in cosmetic surgery, and our patient-centred approach means procedures are designed around you and your goals. We know how essential this is, especially regarding intimate procedures such as a hoodectomy. Our facility is designed for a comfortable recovery, and our team is focussed on allowing you to recover fully in the comfort of your own home.

What about sexual activity?

It is strongly advised to avoid sexual activity for six weeks after a hoodectomy. It usually takes this long for the wounds to heal completely internally and externally. It is extremely important that your wounds are kept clean and dry during your recovery. Having sex while you are still healing could lead to wound complications such as bleeding and infection and may affect your end result. We will make sure to answer any question you have about your recovery in a sensitive and pressure-free environment.

Cost and finance options

Labiaplasy vary in cost, depending on desired outcome. In the UK, a clitoral hood reduction is expected to cost anywhere between £7,000 and £8,000

For further information or to find out your suitability for clitoral hood reduction or hoodectomy, labiaplasty surgery in Manchester, please book a consultation with our experienced Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician surgeon Mr Nicholas Morris on 0161 507 8822.

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